Water/Electric Sites:
Daily:                    $  33.00
Holiday weekend: $  35.00
Weekly:                $ 189.00
Monthly:               $  399.00   
If you would like to swim in the pond we have a
swimming area for you to enjoy the water.
Following rates apply to a household of four (4;
consists of a father, mother and two children who
live at the same address) occupants per site.
Guest Fees listed below.
Guest Fees:
Daily:          $ 2 /day    Holiday:$3/day
Overnight:  $ + 4/night             $+ 5/night
Bathhouse and the Laundromat
can be used by all campers.
Come play miniature golf on our course.
Having fun upon the raft.
You can sit by the pond and watch the fish
We even have a playhouse and toys for the toddlers.  
The swing set is fun for the kids too.
Season Rates
Full Hookup Sites:
Daily:                        $  35.00
Holiday weekend:     $  37.00/night
Passport America:    $  37.00/night
Weekly:                    $ 199.00
Monthly:                   $ 499.00           
Seasonal:                 $1450.00 + Electricity
Remote Tent Sites:
Daily:                        $ 24.00
Holiday weekend:     $ 27.00/night
Weekly:                    $149.00

** There is a cancellation fee of $10 per
site which is reserved (reservations
which do not include the 3 holiday
weekends- Memorial, 4th of July and
Labor Day) or $10 on a holiday weekend
for each night of all of the sites
reserved (weekends which include the 3
holiday weekends mentioned above) if
the reservation is not cancelled 10 days
prior to the reserved date.
A view of the water.
40851 CR 669
Decatur, Michigan 49045
(269) 423-7122
Paddle Boats - Row Boats -Canoes
Pool Table - Basketball - Game Room - Hiking Trails
Fishing - Swimming - Ping-Pong Table - Air Hockey
*Mid-week Price Blaster

Check-in Sunday & Check-out Friday
Full Hookup Site: $135
Water & Electric Only: $125
(excludes holiday weekends)
Why won't the fish bite?
Row, row, row your boat...
Check in time is
anytime after 1PM.
Check out time is
before 2PM.
R.V. Campground